Milton National Little League provides baseball opportunities to children ages 4.5 to 13 years old.

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Milton, MA
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Milton National Little League (MNLL)

When does the Spring season start?

The season will run from the opening day parade on typically held in mid April until approximately mid June .  If you would like to get a clearer picture as to the level of commitment in each league please refer to the Start Here section on the About MNLL menu.

What is the time commitment expected for each player?

Field availability will impact our final schedules, but generally, the 10-12 year old major league division averages 3 games per week and practices 1-2 times per week.  The 10-12 year old minor league division averages 2 games per week and 1-2 practices per week.

The 8&9 year olds played two games on the weekend and practiced 1-2 times per week.

The 6&7 year olds played 1-2 games per weekend and practiced 1-2 times per week.
The 5 year olds will participate in clinics on Saturday mornings beginning April 30 and continuing through early June. The clinics will primarily focus on drills including throwing, catching and hitting. We will introduce some "game like" play towards the end of the season.

Summer season late-Jun through early-Aug.  Travel teams are established for each age 9 - 12 and an in-house league for ages 7 - 12 as well with age groupings.  Further detail under Summer tab.

Teams and Evaluations

How are teams formed?

There are 8 Major League teams.  The number of Minor League teams depends on the number of players registered.

Majors & Minors – Coaches meet and conduct an organized draft.

What are evaluations/What happens at evaluations?

Players are evaluated on skills: fielding, batting, throwing, and catching.

Can I request a specific coach and/or that my child play with their friends on the same team?

In lower divisions, requests are often considered. However, in the interest of fair play and equal competition, no promises can be made.  Requests are not considered at the AAA and Majors level.  

Game Play

What rules does Little League use to play?

MNLL follows the National Little League Approved Rule Book - there are some minor modifications to those rules.  All coaches are up on the current rules

What do we do in case of rainouts?

You will be contacted by your coach, typically via email that the games are cancelled

Are there any rules regarding minimum playing time?

A and AA  - Every player must play at least 3 innings of a 6 inning game  - often times with 14 players per team this becomes a challenge.

Majors and AAA - every player must play at least 4 innings in the field.

At all levels the league uses a continuous batting order, this means that every kid on the team that is at the game must bat in order.  There are no substitutions for batting.  We do not allow for a 9 man batting order unless there are only 9 players at the game.

Are there time limits on games?

Pee Wees  - Games are to be restricted to 2 hours

A new inning cannot start after the 2 hour mark has passed

If my child is unable to attend practice, will he/she still get to play in the game?

Yes, MNLL is an all inclusive type league and our coaches understand that life happens and they make every effort to ensure that if your child attends a game that they will play.

Can my son/daughter play "up"?

Your son or daughter cannot play "up" or "down" in age.  The league must maintain players at their appropriate age limit.  This is primarily a safety issue and not up for debate.

I think my son/daughter is a pretty good player. How does the league choose All-Stars?

The only All Star team selection is for the Majors and Minors  - All Star teams are made up of only 12 year olds at the Majors levels and all ages in the Minors.  In both cases the coaches all vote on which players should be honored by playing in the All Star games on Memorial Day weekend.

Summer Travel teams are different from All Star teams.  The Summer teams are selected through a series of tryouts during the spring season.  The league typically hosts 2-3 clinics/tryouts and to be considered for summer travel play you must commit to being available for games and practices through the first week in August and attend at least 2 out of 3 clinics/tryouts in the Spring.  Typically there is an A and B team for age groups 9, 10, 11 and 12  - there is also a Friendship League team of 8 year olds.

A Teams play a much higher level of competition  - These are the 11 or 12 best players selected by the coaches.  The coaches vote on these selections based upon league play and performance at the tryouts.

The 10A, 11A and 12A teams compete in the Williamsport Little League World Series Qualifier tournament in addition to the Sandwich Tournament and Suburban League.

B Teams play a competitive schedule but it is more flexible and the talent is matched accordingly.


What equipment will my child need before the first practice or game?

Your son/daughter will need a baseball glove and appropriate footwear - sneakers are fine, cleats are better.

Are there any uniform supplies my child needs?

You will be required to purchase your own pants  - Gray pants can be purchased at any sporting goods store.

What kind of glove should I get my child?

Your child should try on a number of gloves and depending on your budget buy the best quality glove for what you can afford.  Gloves last a long time and it is worth it to buy a good quality glove.

What equipment does my child need to play Little League?

Your child just needs a glove and appropriate footwear.  At the higher levels such as majors/minors, your child might also need a bat as the league does not provide bats at those levels.

What size bat should I purchase for my child?

Depending on age, size, maturity and athletic ability, the selection of a bat truly depends on the players ability to swing it with proper technique.  Please refer to the National Little League website for information regarding approved bats for little league play. Little League bats must be 2 1/4" barrels only and they must be on the approved list for play.

Pee Wees and younger should look at tee ball bats  - 27"  16 oz.,  28in. 17 oz.  

Majors/Minors  - 29, 30, 31 and some 32 for the bigger kids  - typical drop is -11 or -12


How do I register?

You can register by visiting this link:


What is included in the registration fee?

-    Hats, Shirts (all players) and Socks (minors,majors)
-    Each team will have baseballs, batting helmets, and catchers equipment for use at practices and games
-    Each graduating 12 year old is invited to a fall banquet and will receive a Milton National League sweatshirt
-    Cost of Umpires for 8 & 9 year old league, minors, and majors
-    Maintenance at our major and minor league fields; Piatelli and Donovan
-    (Travel Summer baseball) - all fees for participation in summer tournaments and leagues

Is there a refund policy?

For either the spring or summer season, we will refund your registration fee if you notify us before the start of the season that you cannot, or decide not to play. Contact the registrar at and the registrar will notify the treasurer to refund the registration fee by check.

What information is needed when registering?

Parent/Guardian contact info (Name, address, phone, email)
Child info (Name, address, DOB, school, grade)


Are there any volunteer opportunities?

There are numerous volunteer opportunities within MNLL including the following:

You can email MNLL to express your interest in volunteering.

How can I volunteer to coach?

You can email MNLL to express interest in coaching.

What is the parent/volunteer pledge?

I will teach all children to play fair and do their best.

I will positively support all managers, coaches and players.

I will respect the decisions of the umpires.

I will praise a good effort despite the outcome of the game.

What is a background check?

The law of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts mandates a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check on current MNLL volunteers as well as qualified prospective volunteers, prior to their service, who have particular duties and responsibilities relative to children and youth, the elderly and/or disabled.


How can I sponsor a team?

You can email MNLL to express interest in sponsoring a team.

If I sponsor a team, can I pick the team’s name?

Teams are named after Major League teams; however, the sponsor's business will be listed.  At the Major/Minor level teams are the sponsor's names.

If I sponsor a team, can I sponsor a specific child’s team (my son, granddaughter, etc.)?

Possibly, depending on sponsor availability.

If I am not able to sponsor a team, are there other ways to sponsor MNLL?

You can support MNLL as a general sponsor.  You will be listed on the MNLL website Sponsor page and sponsorship banner.

I do not have a business, can I still sponsor?

You can still sponsor without a business (see above)

Can I help provide a player scholarship for other children?

You can provide player scholarships as requested and approved by the MNLL board.

Are my charitable contributions and donations tax deductible

No, your contributions and donations to MNLL are not tax deductible.


General Questions


I have a question/concern, whom should I contact?

Please email the Milton National Little League Information Officer.